Saturday, December 29, 2007

Paradise Found!

Take that, Milton. You and your Puritan pessimism should check out my BEACH! The three minute walk from my front gate to the sea is probably the best three minutes since I arrived a month ago. A massive sense of relief just about knocked me over, face first in the sand. Luckily I had a giant blended Mocha to keep me steady.

Dubai is suddenly different. It's peaceful. There are PARKS, with TREES and GRASS, and SHELLS where the water breaks. That means there might be FISH out there...cute little Nemos waiting for me to paddle around with my goggles and find him! And just like South Beach, the sea is the color of Jolly Rancher candies in flavors they haven't dreamed up yet.

Welcome to my new backyard.

Beach: 1
GI Joe: 0

When he's not rubbing sand out of his beard with his over-engineered beach towel, you can find one of my sheikh neighbors hanging out here. That's right, this is a villa, not an extension of Microsoft. Microsoft only dreams of being this high tech and shiny.

These palatial villas are about a block away from my humble little room.

I'm not sure what this is. It looks like it's a little gathering room connected with (what i'm guessing is) a club of some sort, just behind it on the beach.

front yard


shelley said...

GAH! This is so DIFFERENT!!!

I feel like I don't KNOW YOU ANYMORE!!!

cindy said...

my fingers wrote this gleeful crap against my will. i have no idea why.