Friday, December 21, 2007

Kinda sorta like south beach

It was an evening for sunsets on the beach, and fabulous 360 degree views from a little club/restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Hotel called.....wait for it.....360. If you want to drink in Dubai you have to go to a hotel. It's the rules. If you want to use ichat, You have to go to another country. It's the rules. So 360 it was, and the view was fab. It almost felt like I was back in South Beach. Except the salsa music was missing, and the women weren't quite busty enough. But I could pretend.

These decorated camels are all over Dubai, following the trend of painted cows in Denver and painted Pigs in Seattle. I think Dubai wins for best critter choice. They're just plain sexy.

I am the proud owner of Arabic Toothpaste! Don't get too excited though. It tastes the same.

And this little SUV was just begging for some attention. Only in Dubai. Note the Sheikh in the sexy sunglasses on the right. Rarr.

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shelley said...

Wow. Bizarro South Beach indeed.
This whole camel thing is so stereotypical, I never thought that it would for real.