Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kiteboard swarms, Jumeirah Beach

Still haven't been kiteboarding myself, and after watching some french kid get dragged down the length of the beach, eating sand, I'm okay with that. I also heard a story about some unfortunate soul who sailed clear over the beach a few years ago, on an unexpected updraft. He was too distracted waving at friends on the beach bellow to realize that the wind was about to slam him into the minaret of the beach-side mosque. Not pretty. I don't know if that Darwin award is a true story or not, but I'll save the mouthful of sand or minaret-face for someone else. I'm plenty happy splashing around in the shallows with my Cannon.

I took these a while back and promised mom I'd post them sometime last year. And then I forgot, and got distracted, or busy. There's no excuse. Sorry mom. I was playing with exposure and prefer the slightly darker images, myself. I also know that I should be shooting everything horizontal now. Chock it up to the learning curve.

what most folks don't notice at their feet
in the first four inches
where the beach meets the sea