Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jetlag isn't so bad. In bed...

unless it's 4 am, and you're still exhausted, but very much awake. Since we're already on a potty theme, this is my bathroom at Sofitel. So far the "bow-day" and I have made wary eye contact. (I don't spell in French. Deal with it.) Fortunately in the plush security of my hotel room there's plenty of toilet paper and towels to mop up, if the two of us happen to tussle.

The second trip to the grocery store proved much more triumphant than the first, when the checker sent me home without my fruit. I wanted to cry. It's always the little things that can turn the faucet on. Who needs tangerines and pears when you have Dunkin Donuts anyway? That failure is best forgotten, because this time I found EGGS! Couldn't locate the chicken eggs. But who needs chickens when you have QUAILS! They're cute and little--about the size of a jelly bean with a big ego. If Mike Maguire was a jelly bean, he wouldn't be a jelly bean at all. He'd be a quail egg! And I bet he'd be just as difficult to crack. Besides, the shell's even been art directed. Who doesn't like a well art directed egg. Just look at those splotchy little buggers. Yum.

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shelley said...

It ALSO isn't so bad from such a BEAUTIFUL HOTEL. FANCY PANTS YOU!

I'm so glad you said it was quail eggs... I was starting to get worried that you would get cholesterol overload over there in Dubai-land.