Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the great move, episode I

From the 17th floor of the Twin Towers in Deira, Dubai looks pretty succulent. If you turn around, the office is another matter. Welcome to Purgatory. Thanks to the holidays a lot of folks are missing the chaos. This basically means less claustrophobia in the creative room, fewer people in the photos, and less smoke in the air. The new office will be smoke free. Merry Christmas to Cindy's lungs. Now we get to see an entire ad agency go into nicotine withdrawal together. Won't that be cute? I expect it'll resemble a sorority house celebrating a giant, raging, synchronized PMS. God help me.

Here's another view from the hotel facing Dubai Creek and New Dubai on the other side. The Burj Tower is still under construction. That's the tall one to the left of the other high rises, and yes, they are respectably tall high rises. Now they just have a complex. The corporate-hood surrounding the tower's called Business Bay. But don't be fooled. It isn't a bay at all, and isn't even on the water. Maybe they'll make their own fake bay when it's done, but for now it's a dusty construction zone. The agency will be right next to the Burj Tower starting Saturday. Being so close to something so huge makes us very very long as the giant Arab phallus doesn't fall over.

If you look past the window reflection, you can see yet another shot of Dubai Creek. What can I say, I think it's pretty. Creek is such an understatement, especially for a town that's hooked up to an IV of overstatement.

Carolers wandered around the hotel on Christmas Day. They were completely tone deaf and sang in an odd, Malay-Indian-Eastern-Something accent, and it was perfect. This is at Churchill's, the hotel pub where I was plowing through Stella and the Gulf News before I was intercepted by The Walking Cliche. more on him later. It's past my bedtime.


shelley said...

Aah... what I would give to listen to that exciting Christmas caroling - so wrong but so right.

Dubai sounds more and more appealing each day to visit.

shelley said...

By the way, I notice someone has figured out how to arrange pictures after text, then pic again, then text again. :P