Sunday, March 23, 2008

debauchery is delicious

Nothing sums up Malek's Bollywood Bon Voyage Party like Nandu's kick-ass shoes. Yes, the tips curl up, and yes, they are HOT. Maybe that's why he's such an awesome dancer. You can only aspire to have as much fun as Nandu.

Milos looks worried. Can't blame him.

Sakib with badass jazz-hands. Rishi is just a badass. And I'm the cream filling. Lucky me.

Hesham likes Bollywood parties :) Bollywood parties like Hesham.
When I get my hands on some more party photos. I'll post them right here... so stay tuned.

Milk the camel
It's a night on the town. A bar called 360 was involved.
I was lame and didn't think to whip the camera out till later, but 360 reminds me of south beach. it's posh, art-deco-ish, and sits out at the end of a long rock jetty with a great 360 degree view of the gulf, the beach, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, and the lights that dance up and down the famous hotel next door, the Burj Al Arab. On the walk down the jetty, (or golf cart ride for the high heeled and lazy,) you get hit with the splash off the waves when the wind is kicking, and a yacht line-up to give the snob yachts of Seattle a serious complex.

After 360 closed it was definitely time for Daryl to milk the camel.
Kids, don't try this at home.

It was a very nice camel. So we all puckered up.
Hesham got a little more camel action than I did.

Per usual....I giggled like a school girl. The camel wasn't amused.

"Cindy is clearly out of her mind."

Revive sagging blood sugar and limp creativity here.
Some Thai food deserves two thumbs up from "the art director." This review applies to both food and fantastic decor at Smiling BKK.

These guys take "blow up" toy who a whole new level.

Green Curry + Thai iced tea + REAL phad thai = awesome. Believe it or not the really good Phad Thai of the world isn't smeared with nasty ketchup. It's pale, (not bleeding pink stuff) and delicious. Drooling yet? Yeah. I thought so.


Angie said...

i'm so glad you're back to the blog! i've been waiting oh so patiently for some more! miss you!

cindy said...

awwww :) i'm just glad you guys are still lookin!

shelley said...

First of all, what is this squatting dance that seems to be all the rage at Bollywood parties? Anyhoo, seems like a lot of fun.

Why does that South Beach je-ne-se-quoi appear EVERYWHERE?

PS: Curled up shoes ARE hot!
PPS: Yes, I drooled. The Thai food looks AMAZING.