Friday, April 18, 2008

Award shows are hazardous

but fun, for what they're worth. David Droga gave a kickass seminar that made my inner ad geek swoon. It's always nice when you hear the things you intuitively know, from the very guy who can say it best. Screw the typical ad. Make an actual IDEA for a change. Right. I can do that. I GET it again. I think we all need a little bit of David Droga juice to give us that jump start, to remind us why we dive into advertising--because of that huge gaping potential to do something great it makes people curse under their breath, and not some lame visual pun that tends to win stuff, for whatever unspoken reason. If you have no idea who Droga is or what I'm talking about, check out You've either heard of the Tap Project, or you will. He did this for UNICF and it's rad. Aside from his talk, the event was more of a fashion show for a bunch of over inflated egos than anything else. And despite sleazy ad men, sleazing their businesses cards all over the place, and talking to my boobs, the good people I work with kept things fun :) And for better or worse, the wine...was somehow...always full.

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