Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Great Move, episode II

You see those little square buildings at the base of the Burj Tower? That's the new agency.

Not too shabby, eh?

These shots are from the early post-move-chaos. The agency's cleaning up nicely though. Everyone found their precious boxes of stuff, and things are looking more like a respectable agency than what you see here.

It's an indoor, fake garden. Sadly, the windows don't open. But it's a good effort and when the rumored hammocks show up it'll be even better. I
hope we get a hammock or two.

Raj takes a moment to contemplate the patch of fake grass in the lobby.

The fetal basketball court. It's looking much better now. Stay tuned for picts from the current spiffy clean agency, complete with my favorite: The Fat Boy beanbag chairs. Oh yeah.

Some views of Business Bay. Somewhere in this big desolate pit of sand and construction, a bay will be born, and a few high rises, and a business or two.

I never thought construction cranes could be beautiful. But then again, I've never been surrounded by an entire herd.

Construction at night=trippy awesome. It looks like an underwater sci-fi film. Better in 360, real-life, swivel-on-your-heels-panoramic view, but this gives you a glimmer. I'll post a series of night shots a little bit later when the work chaos settles down.


shelley said...

What a fancy fancy office. Do you have fake picnics in the fake garden? And get fake little sandwiches to nibble on? Mmmmmm...

I think I'm obsessed with that garden. There's something about indoor grass that intrigues me. Do they put fake newly-trimmed-lawn scent?

I should really stop ranting on and on about it...

The construction cranes look like beautiful giant gazelles that graze upon the fake grass of the fake inner garden. *sigh*

cindy said...

they totally ARE like gazelles! we were just talking the other day that they should break out into some sort of ballet dance. we definitely need to get some grass scent in there too.