Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holy nemo! Save a Fish! The mall seas are draining!

Straight from the land of the absurd to your pixil-screen, another winning Dubai news flash: The Dubai Mall Aquarium, (naturally MASSIVE and full...FULL of fish) has had a bad day.

It cracked. Water gushed everywhere. Rumors screamed across Twitter calling it anything from a wee crack, to a full on aquarium Tsunami. And water DID gush everywhere, and as far as the public new coverage is concerned all the fish are fine. But really, ARE THEY? Regardless, we thought it was a DOPE opportunity to start a cause and save some fish. Cause what sort of asshole doesn't like a cute little fish, and the environment and stuff?

Yeah, so TBWA is all about fish, because, we're basically awesome. Join the group, tell us which of the 33,000 fish you've adopted, name that cute little bugger and spread the fishy love. LOVE. For the love of fish, get on it. Mine's named Dory.

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