Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 year in Dubai. 1 list of tipsy randomness.

1. drunk. No. To be fair, tipsy.
2. i have officially been in Dubai, exactly 1 yEAR.
3. tipsy :)
4. already said...more on that later.
5. No tycoons. No camel race victories, however, have found camels. Wild ones. Rode one. Not wild. Triumph.
6. i should put this on da blog.
7. i like artichokes. haven't had one since i arrived. but that's not dubai's fault. i blame the artichoke, for being such a second thought vegetable.
9. is an artichoke a vegetable?
10. What if, by going to the other side of the planet, I've become a second thought vegetable?
11. Turkey day involved splendid turkey, prepared by the American-Cuban-Spanish-Southern-Boston dude, who's really just American. He just insists on claiming all the extra baggage too, but can cook a mean turkey. Mucho stuffing made by the fabulous Turkish dude. more folks from random nations, including but not limited to Syria, Philippines, Atlanta (a nation in itself) Canada, Egypt, France and probably a couple others I've forgotten. please refer to number 1 and 3. Wow that was long.
12. Russel Peters was HYSTERICAL tonight, as was his opener, Oz something who Iv'e heard of before, laughed with (not at) before but can't come up with the rest of his name for obvious reasons...
13. elipsi are cool...screw you, professor...ad teacher types. What did the poor ellipsis ever do to you to deserve all the hate?
13. The two Stella afterwards proved yet again that I'm a terrible lightweight.
14. This is a very long top ten list.
15. It's National Day tomorrow. No work. Lots of green white and red stuff, everywhere. NO WORK!
16. Dubai is not in Iraq, for anyone still wondering. Catch up, USA.
17. Beach is good. Straw cowboy hat for beach is good. Good is good. Sleep is good. Running out of laundry detergent is bad, but not nearly as bad as turned milk. Comedy is good. Cultural comedy, making fun of accents in the most accented, culturally integrated place in the world is simply AWESOME.
18 A roommate just came home with a random girl. Great. Or weird. I'm not sure.
19. Tomorrow's National Day! No work!
20. This is an exceptionally long top ten list. Double the list, double the pleasure, double the typos, double the realization that a year ago today I was in a plane on my way to Dubai. And yes, the beach is still beautiful. Oh turquoise splendid refreshingness, i will see you tomorrow....after a nice little run along the walk. Am I spoiled or what?
21. "Splendid" is British. I am not British. That word is annoying, and yet I over use it like an unintentional pretentious snob. (Barfs in the corner...and not from the Stella.) 1 round of apologies, on me.
22. Between the Russel Peters show and BarZar for beers at Madinat Souk, we passed an African midget...aka....exceptionally exceptional short person with a very dark complexion, IN a Dishdash, in a city with very few of all the above mentioned...the odds. Unbelievable. The remainder of the evening was uneventful, save for the random bloke who tried to pick up a couple girls we were with, with his cell phone.
Bloke: (with big ears and cell phone in hand. Big ears weren't in hand. Cell phone was.) Do any of you happen to know how to spell reciprocity...
(or some equally absurd word to text, while clearly not terribly certain about what it means, much less how to use it in a sentence.) BUT the line worked. He got this Irish girl's number by time she left. Unbelievable.
22. German word for nipple, when back translated = breast wart. hehe. Way to go German. You've always had a way with romance. Oh wait. That would be the romantic languages. Never mind. Good effort though. Good effort.


Anne said...

Wow Cindy, I think that's all to be said.....

cindy said...

haha. I always like leaving you speechless...for better or worse ;)

Anne said...

But I do have to say that you make my day whenever you blog!!! :)